Driveshaft Information
Universal Joint Information

(The following is what I used on a standard transmission short bed truck)

Front U-Joint replacement = Neapco 1-0431
Rear U-Joint replacement = Neapco 1-0431

These are a direct replacement for the factory staked u-joints

Autozone sells a Duralast brand with a different number Part Number: 2-0431DL (at the time of this writing, 2017)

The Center or Carrier bearing U-Joint is larger = Neapco 1-1610
CAP DIAMETER: 1.103 (28MM)

Autozone sells a Duralast brand with a different number Part Number: 1-1610DL


Be careful getting the old ones out, being careful not to damage your shaft or the flanges where the u-joints mount up.
They can be pressed out with a Hydraulic Press if you have one. Some have used a large C Clamp.
Once the bearings are out, clean your staked burs with a Dremel if you have one. If not gently use a round file.
Do not take off more than needed, just clean it up.

Watch several youtube videos on this procedure to get a feel for how this job is completed.
If you are not careful you can damage the yoke and have a vibration that you will never get out and you will soon be ordering a new driveshaft from Texas at the rate of $500. Ask me how I know this....
Some good videos to watch on this before you get started.

Watch the videos "Staked in U Joint Replacement" from bootsnthejeep on youtube.
This guy has 17 videos on doing the staked in u joints.
He does it without a hydraulic press.

Here is a video from Silent Dawn doing a carrier bearing replacement.
His taste in music while doing automotive work is impeccable. Rock on Silent Dawn!

When doing this, use a paint pen to mark everything religiously so that you put all back as it was and do not lose the phase of anything.

Also replace your Center Bearing (center support) while you are doing all this.
I got that info too. This is what worked if you have a Standard Transmission
I have ordered one and it felt rough to spin, but I had another and it worked good. I have replaced two of these.
You will need a large 3 jaw puller to seperate the yoke, and I believe it was a 26 mm socket.

More on that part can be found in the Super Service Manual here.


Front U-Joint

Carrier Bearing (DS8551) and Middle U-Joint (I GOT MINE ON ROCKAUTO)

Rear U-Joint